Evening free healing of body and spirit every Wednesday on distance.

Healing time on Wednesdays: beginning at 20.00pm

                                                end at 20.30pm


  In the comfort of your home, you can join to participate in relaxing evening  healings   every Wednesday of the week.To expirience that feeling all you have to do is to take a half an hour of a time on Wednesday evening to make it happen. You do not need any money because it is free and you don”t need to have any knowledge before you start. To get maximum relaxation during a healing just let yourself in  so you can feel the Angel's healing energy bliss close to you. May your tired spirit and body be renewed with the power of Angels.


   Sign in with CONTACT FORM at the bottom of this page ONLY IF YOU FEEL YOUR INNER VOICE CALL  It may be time to change your life right now and give it full meaning.


   If you are exhausted, you feel lost, if you are looking for the meaning of your life, you have disagreements in the family or relationship, you want to be spiritually calm, if you can not relieve the feelings of guilt and who knows what problems you still have in life, that means you need help.


  Right before the evening healing, ask your Angel to help you with this prayer:


   * My Angel! You are my light, my courage, I listen to your voice in my thoughts, I call your name, I open my soul to you, Stay with me day and night always be here. My Guardian angel, for your favor I pray that through my life you follow me, with open heart I rise, your strength to absorb. Angel, I trust in you, guide me I hear your voice. In my prayers I surrender with my whole heart sincerely and truly. I feel peace. The energy of love and happiness fills my soul with spiritual freedom. My Angel, I thank you! *


   This is an extremely powerful prayer for inviting your angel that you can pray at any time and during the evening healing on Wednesdays  the energy of togetherness is  multiplying the power of prayer, because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!


  It is necessary to relax in the sitting or lying position ten minutes before the healing starts on distance on Wednesday evening at 20.00pm. Then you are ready to start. During a  healing, just close your eyes and say at loud or in yourself ( in your mind) the above-written prayer. Soon you will feel a wonderful feeling of bliss and happiness that takes you and thats because the angel energy is now in you.


How to sign up for free evening healing on Wednesdays? It is very simple.


  Fill out the CONTACT FORM and in the message field, write the reason for the application. This is important because writing the reason for the application is more closely associated with the common energy of evening healing. Do not forget, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!


   The term of healing is every Wednesday at 20.00pm. By filling out the contact form, you are only signing up for the upcoming appointment. If you want to repeat the healing, it is necessary to log in again.


   If you want to be in our mailing list and receive our notification, please indicate it in the contact form with a short message of content: "I want to be on the mailing list"


   If you are on our mailing list for evening healing you only apply once. You do not need to apply every Wednesday separately.


  Applications are received until 20.00pm on Wednesday, after which healing begins. After healing is done for the the evening please stay in the position you were during a healing and express your thanks to the Angels with the words: "The Angels of Heaven, I thank you for the help you have selflessly made me tonight.I recommend myself that you continue to help me in advance. Thank you a lot.”


   After the end of the evening healing, your body and spirit are pervaded by Angel's energy. And your environment will feel the change in you in the coming days.



 If you are interested in

individual workshops

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Do not forget, with Angels everything is possible!


 For healing on Wednesday fill out the form!


In the contact form sign in by entering your e-mail address. Phone number is not requiring. Click on a security code to make the key that is necessarily to write into the space below the *security code* name.


That security code you have to enter is necessary because it prevents that your e-mail ends in spam.


After you fill up the form correctly, now you can safely enter your message!


Still if you can’t manage to fill up the form and to sign in correctly for some reason, please check in with the link below directly to the e-mail address   


e-mail:  http://centar .glas.andjela@gmail.com 

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Welcome to the unique voyage into the magical world of Angels that will open the door to your soul and enlightening the path that leads to liberation of your own energy being.

On that journey you will experience the enlightening of the spirit and body united as one in the perfect harmony of your uniqueness. That cognition will lead you to your Angel.

It’s the Angel voice you’ll be heard finally when you open your heart and your mind.

We wish to invite you to start your journey here with us, just feel free to let go and let the Angel’s voice lead you on!  


Our Angels are talking to us during life time sending love, positive energy, happiness. They encourage us, help us, give us strength and they follow us on our journey of  life. We experience their voice through such messages that we recognize as life time opportunities and chances that are tracking us, those good and nice things that are mile our soul and make us feel contented and filled with joy. Angels are our inner voice that keep directing us on a right way  the one that is lighten with brightness to follow what we really want from life success, feeling of belonging and make our dreams become a reality. Our Angels are our spiritual ally’s they are our straight and counterbalance of the dark side our positive energy that sits on the shoulder our shield from evil.

Healings on Wednesday evenings are for us, and through them we want to get closer to our Angel even more with our hearts wide open. By the meditation we are reaching a spiritual high level which aloud us to be able to get in touch with our Angel, calling him with a prayer and thank him from the bottom of our soul for being here with us always.

Angels speeks through us, reaching to our soul and heart. Your Angel is like a reflection in a mirror that it can be recognize as a spiritual mildness and it can be seen in the person’s own spirit if you look closer. Spirit of an Angel shines with it’s eternal light. Let us say a prayer to Angels, let them hear our call. Always remember to be a  pure heart, open minded and spiritually rich so we can be embrace by the power of Angel. 


 For all healing inquiries, please feel free to contact us through our contact form. After receiving your message, we will notify you as soon as possible.