Dear friends!

 This site is dedicated to you who are participating in evening healing on Wednesdays. Your experience that can be found here will help many other people to feel the magnificent power of Angels in this way.
    I must point out that everyone who approaches healings every Wednesday evening on  must approach to it sincerely and with the desire for change in their own lives. For those who apply for an healing on Wednesdays evenings  a good thing to do a few evenings before bedtime is to concentrate and say a prayer to the Angel to purify your soul and become worthy of the Angels to come into your life.
   Once again, thanks for the written experiences that do inspire and enrich the lives of all of us!
 Wonderful in  one word beautiful. During healing, I learned what that really meant. I felt like a chiled. Everywhere around me I felt peace. It's as the time stopped for a while. I was alone in the room. Although the noise from the street came to me, it did not bother me at all as it usually does. During a healing, as if I had elevated my being to a much higher level to reach a meaning of life. My internal conflicts were as if they had never existed before. I got inner insights on purifying my soul in a subtly childish way. I felt the immense happiness of being with the great desire to show it to the whole world.
   My dear Lydia and Andjelko, thank you very much.
  C. V. from Zagreb
  For a long time I've been looking for something more of  life. Exhaustion and helplessness were my loyal followers. One day I found out about a friend's evening healing on Wednesday and decided to sign up. As soon as I did it I somehow knew I had decided well. Exactly at 20am on Wednesday I was sitting in a chair in my room. At the beginning of the healing, I sensed gradually that my whole body is tingling. An unknown cold chill started to shake me and then some pleasant heat flooded me. My mind began to clear. I remembered my childhood, the sun and the endless green  meadows on which I ran on with my  widespread hands thinking that I would rise up and fly. All the annoyance and the nothingness that I felt for days it was gone. I felt incredibly safe. Tears of joy came to my eyes. Finally I was happy, happy. My spirit felt a strong desire for life again.
   Thank you, thank you very much!
  B. N. from Daruvar
   Yes, Angels do exist. I had to write it. I want to share it with everyone. During the healing process I went through a kind of re-birth. I couldn’t imagine what would happen to me. After ten minutes of healing, I felt like someone was washing me with fresh spring water. I touched my face with my fingers for a couple of times that’s how real it was for me. That feeling covered my whole body. All the bitterness and fears I kept in me  had been poured out of me. After healing, I slept for the first time as in my mother's lap. For the first time I dreamed after a long time. Andjelko and Lidija, thank you for helping me to know the beauty of life after a long time I was in dark. I can hardly wait next Wednesday.
  K. P. of Požega
   Dear Lidija and Andjelko! Tonight I had a special feeling. After I settled for the beginning of the healing, I sensed that it pulled me down as if I were about to sink into some deep space. There was a strange noise in my head, and my whole body seemed to be a thousand tons hard. At one point, it was as if something breaks. Some strange and powerful force set me free from that feeling. I had the impression of great relief while at the same time a wonderful melody came across my mid that was familiar to me from the past. I closed my eyes, trying to calm the feelings that overwhelmed my heart. In front of my closed eyes, a beautiful vision appears that was surrounded by the light in it’s full brightness. I was sure it was my Angel. From the healing on I still feel my Angel’s present and that’s why my hole fears are gone. Looking forward to the next Wednesday evening and a new healing in advance.
   Thank you for everything!
M. Ž. from Zagreb

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Welcome to the unique voyage into the magical world of Angels that will open the door to your soul and enlightening the path that leads to liberation of your own energy being.

On that journey you will experience the enlightening of the spirit and body united as one in the perfect harmony of your uniqueness. That cognition will lead you to your Angel.

It’s the Angel voice you’ll be heard finally when you open your heart and your mind.

We wish to invite you to start your journey here with us, just feel free to let go and let the Angel’s voice lead you on!  


Our Angels are talking to us during life time sending love, positive energy, happiness. They encourage us, help us, give us strength and they follow us on our journey of  life. We experience their voice through such messages that we recognize as life time opportunities and chances that are tracking us, those good and nice things that are mile our soul and make us feel contented and filled with joy. Angels are our inner voice that keep directing us on a right way  the one that is lighten with brightness to follow what we really want from life success, feeling of belonging and make our dreams become a reality. Our Angels are our spiritual ally’s they are our straight and counterbalance of the dark side our positive energy that sits on the shoulder our shield from evil.

Healings on Wednesday evenings are for us, and through them we want to get closer to our Angel even more with our hearts wide open. By the meditation we are reaching a spiritual high level which aloud us to be able to get in touch with our Angel, calling him with a prayer and thank him from the bottom of our soul for being here with us always.

Angels speeks through us, reaching to our soul and heart. Your Angel is like a reflection in a mirror that it can be recognize as a spiritual mildness and it can be seen in the person’s own spirit if you look closer. Spirit of an Angel shines with it’s eternal light. Let us say a prayer to Angels, let them hear our call. Always remember to be a  pure heart, open minded and spiritually rich so we can be embrace by the power of Angel. 


 For all healing inquiries, please feel free to contact us through our contact form. After receiving your message, we will notify you as soon as possible.