Our right to be free with our spirit and our body. To work on ourselves is our duty to ourselves as well, but it also refines us so we can open ourselves to others. To be able to comprehend the power of angel is a gift from heaven. That gift appeared suddenly. It resound right up to me and shook my being  with such power as the flash of lightning in the hot summer months. At the moment everything is christal  clear. At that point you understand that you are acctually someone else, someone you've kept hidden for a long time, and that all the false earthly things have created the illusions we live on thinking that this is the ultimate range of human existence. I’ve realized that my role was precisely determined and that nothing happens by accident so you’ve  heard from many people who feel this with their own intuition. I’ve realized one of many cognitions. Our world is the place of a great exam that we have to pass if we want to reach the state of bliss and peace. As we have a specific task to improve this earthly life, Angels have the task of preserving people from themselves. By doing evil to others, we move away from these perfect celestial beings, and when we move too far away, life situations begin to darken our inner being with dark odyssey. Most of you are aware of that when you find yourself in such lost life situations that you need help then. You have to look for help or otherwise you will be  lost forever. By invocation of your guardian angel you can connect with his powers because Angels love is immense. Angels love is the greatest happiness and the only answer that angels give to this world in which we live.



Anđelko Zeljak

       healer, scientist, researcher

My experience of clinical death and the beginning of new life

  From my early youth, I asked myself questions that nobody could give me a meaningful answer. I lived quite dynamically, and very often I went into various situations that were created by my own chaos and accidental judgment. I wanted to change the world, I wanted world to be a place with no suffering and sadness  that I daily meet by listening to the people around me. In many contacts with different kinds of people I’ve noticed something in common with everyone. Everyone wants to be loved, everyone is missing out of  love and understanding. I was wondering why a man longs for these values ??but doing nothing to achomplished it. I wondered how to enjoy these values ??daily to make life complete because to get honest understanding and help (when you desperately need one) in various situations is the most valuable thing a man can get in his life.
  All these questions literally were occupied my mind daily. My inner voice told me that the existence of the human being has a far greater purpose than to waste time to create material values, the frenzied pace of life in the race for things of fake glittering shine to get immediate pleasure that quickly disappears because we are empty and unhappy in our soul. Seeking the right values ??and the way out of that madness that I was stuck in, the fateful moments of re-birth approached me, and I did not even “hear” it coming to strike me down.
  By my true nature I’m a researcher, a scientist. I always like to create something new that would justify my existence, considering that in this way I confirm my own sense of life. I often found myself thinking of intertwined world events that apparently were a coincidental sequence of happenings and I intuitively concluded that all of these events were somehow connected to a line that I could not understand.
   One Sunday afternoon I worked on my project investigating a broken electric motor. Trying to run it inadvertently I touched the high voltage wires. In front of my eyes suddenly it flashed and then darkness appeared. At the time of losing consciousness I realized that I was dying and that there was no salvation for me. Although the moments before falling into the dark were extremely short, I was feeling really sorry for everything I did not get to do before death came for me.
  The darkness lasted for a while because I was suddenly found in an unknown place. I was so confused looking around and tapping my head as I remembered that current voltage struck me down  on the iron rod where I physically hit and hurt my head badly. There was no injury. I did not feel any pain. I did not know what was going on. The place where I found myself on was like a somekind of a narrow passage surrounded by huge rocks. Confused, I continued to walk forward without knowing how to go back to my workshop. By then, I slowly realized that I have most likely died. However, if so, then how can I feel yet, I feel that I still exist though. My scientific nature was unmistakably present at these moments. I remembered the story that if I was a ghost, I would have to be able to go through the rocks that were there surrounding me. I hit my hand by the rock thinking that the hand would pass through it. But when I hit the rock, I felt pain. The hand did not pass through. The environment around was real and  stable. I continued walking further on to the exit from the passage where I found myself. As I was walking I heard some voices around me but didn’t see anyone there. The exit from the passageway curled at a slight angle. When I came to the end of it I stopped suddenly. An incredible scene appeared before me. An endless column of people were moving by me to a certain goal. They were dressed in some long dresses not very white, more colored than white coffee. They held each other with one hand laid on the shoulders of the one in front of them and spoke in an unrecognizable voices. I was wondering where are they going? Since I did not know what to do, I decided to join that colony of people.While I was hesitated that decision to join them I ‘ve heard someone's voice came from somewhere shouting : "What is this guy doing  here?" I was terrified and coulden”t move one step fowered. Then the second voice sounded saying: "Let him let him go"! At this point, the first voice come again: "It's not his time to go yet, get him back Immediately!''

Not knowing what was going on I wanted to escape but again I fell into the dark. I find myself back in my workshop lying down on a floor covering in blood that was bleeding from the open hole of my head between my eyes and my nose. I realized that I came back and that I was alive. Knowing all that what just happened to me I coulden”t  forget what I experienced minutes ago. I was injured badly but somehow at the same time I was undescribable calm. Somehow I did manage to get up and to kept my hands on the wound to prevent more bleeding coming out. Feeling a bit insecure on my feet to walk, slowly I directed myself  to the bathroom in order to see in what kind of a shape I was in. After that I  washed my face with cold water and finally realized the severity of the injury in a mirror. Taking care of the bleeding, but all  my skull bones have been damaged. I slept between life and death that day I remember but, I was sure in one thing I won’t  die. Of course, very soon I ended up in a hospital where the doctors shook their heads without giving me some great chances to stay alive because they suspected internal bleeding that will cough sodden death sooner or later. It was a matter of time anyway. I told them that there’s absolutely no way that was gonna happened and that I will surely survive. I was specific about it. Of course they didn’t belive me. I went out of the hospital for about six hours despite the doctor's advice to stay in the hospital. It did not feel any pain I just got a little dizziness that’s all but that came off  the second day of my new life.
  I realized that I had experienced a clinical death and that I came back. Somehow, I new I was changed on some way. Now, I found out on my skin that death isn’t the end  and that we will continue another life after this somewhere else. This knowledge has changed my thinking about the nullness of existence. I realize death is just the beginning and not the end of a life form. And then I had realized another amazing thing, something wonderful that showed me that I was chosen for something bigger, something that will change lives of others alongside mine.










  It happened one night. The gift from heaven came to me. During my sleep I dreamed of a dream that turned into a magnificent vision. I was in a single apartment at the top of a skyscraper with large windows. I looked out and opened the window. Everywhere the clouds floated around so I could hardly notice the surface below. At that moment I heard an unknown voice coming from the clouds in front of me: "Do you want to realize your freedom following me?" I suddenly see how a few tens of meters from the window through which I watched the atmosphere in the air floats a man in a very serious statement faces. I did not realize how it was possible. Again I heard the voice coming to me: "I am your angel. As you can see, it's not hard to float in space. Do you believe that you can do it too? "
"But if you are my angel, where are your wings? How can you float without them? "I asked him.
  '' I've shown you the way you got used to it. Later you will see me in my full glory. I came to tell you the truth about you. And you can fly and hover. You just have to rid your angelic nature and believe it is possible. Jump into space free. I'll keep you. You have chosen to realize that you too were an angel and that you have strength far more than you think. Come on, jump freely. I look after you. "I listened to my voice and I do not know why I was sure it was true. With fear I climbed to the window looking into the depth below. Then something breaks in me and I jump.
   I suddenly started to fall. Fear caught my heart in my bosom. "My angel, help me! Save me! "I cried out. And then decay has taken hold, and I, in disbelief, remained floating in space.
   '' You see that's possible. Now you know who you are. Now you have freed your fellow of beliefs about your nullity. You are powerful. In you is the power of Angel. And now go, push where your heart leads and be awake! ", The angel finished and disappeared, letting me continue to float in the air.
   All thrilled and thrilled with some unending force I try to get out of the hovering position. As soon as I tried it I started like a missile. I waved through the clouds and then, after the outbreak of the clouds, my eyes broke through the landscape of nature all around me and below and above. I saw the sun in the sky with its warm light, and I felt the airflow on my face as I ran toward the horizon. I stopped suddenly hovering in the air still not believing that this really happened. I turned and fired to higher heights. At a high speed I went to the sky to go further and more and more. The speed increased to endlessness and then I saw the sky open. I wavered still and suddenly I saw one character as he was treasuringly looking at me and realizing I saw God himself.
   At that moment I screamed out of all the strength: "Bozeeeee. That's the jaaaa. Božeeee. ''
   After that, I drifted into nothingness and the vision disappeared. I woke up though I knew it was not just a dream. I realized that the power of Angels in me and that my life will change even more. I started to help people intuitively. I realized that I had the gift to use it for the benefit of people by healing their souls and body. During my healing work, I have not even wondered what kind of people need help. I thank my angel for believing in me! When I truly leave this world, I will know that this is just the beginning.                                       



 Lidija Cvitkovic, healer, motivational speaker

   My dear friends!
  Angel's voice is the most beautiful thing a man can experience in his life. Having a friend Angel is a gift that I have accepted with all my being. My heart is therefore filled with treachery and patience and reflects what I encountered in my encounter with the angels. By getting to know Mr Anđelka, I realized that my life was more than ordinary if I was to look into the angels I felt in my soul.
   My seeing of human suffering has inspired me to work with myself to help many who are ready to let their angels go to Angels. I realized how much suffering can be avoided because we have gone astray from those celestial beings who call us everyday, but we often do not hear them.
   My inner self led me to the way of angel who help me selflessly to appreciate my life far more than I can understand.
   Dear friends, together with Mr. Angela, we try to retrieve something in the nature of being, something that will bring us all to our Angels. My inner voice becomes a powerful force of spirit that leads me to the truth about myself. By Mr. Angels, he learned to heal the spirit and body that refined me and gave me the strength to help all who needed it.
   Many of you will know the power of Angel who conceals the tired soul, which is the only truth in our lives where our spirit becomes part of a great plan of creating the uniqueness and purposefulness of existence.
   By pointing out in myself I realized that the inner strength is most important. With the inner power we connect with the forces of Angels. Through internal cleansing we can achieve miracles and changes that are far from coming to our lives.
   Honesty and truth is the only right way to go without fear, for with us is Angel's power.

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Welcome to the unique voyage into the magical world of Angels that will open the door to your soul and enlightening the path that leads to liberation of your own energy being.

On that journey you will experience the enlightening of the spirit and body united as one in the perfect harmony of your uniqueness. That cognition will lead you to your Angel.

It’s the Angel voice you’ll be heard finally when you open your heart and your mind.

We wish to invite you to start your journey here with us, just feel free to let go and let the Angel’s voice lead you on!  


Our Angels are talking to us during life time sending love, positive energy, happiness. They encourage us, help us, give us strength and they follow us on our journey of  life. We experience their voice through such messages that we recognize as life time opportunities and chances that are tracking us, those good and nice things that are mile our soul and make us feel contented and filled with joy. Angels are our inner voice that keep directing us on a right way  the one that is lighten with brightness to follow what we really want from life success, feeling of belonging and make our dreams become a reality. Our Angels are our spiritual ally’s they are our straight and counterbalance of the dark side our positive energy that sits on the shoulder our shield from evil.

Healings on Wednesday evenings are for us, and through them we want to get closer to our Angel even more with our hearts wide open. By the meditation we are reaching a spiritual high level which aloud us to be able to get in touch with our Angel, calling him with a prayer and thank him from the bottom of our soul for being here with us always.

Angels speeks through us, reaching to our soul and heart. Your Angel is like a reflection in a mirror that it can be recognize as a spiritual mildness and it can be seen in the person’s own spirit if you look closer. Spirit of an Angel shines with it’s eternal light. Let us say a prayer to Angels, let them hear our call. Always remember to be a  pure heart, open minded and spiritually rich so we can be embrace by the power of Angel. 


 For all healing inquiries, please feel free to contact us through our contact form. After receiving your message, we will notify you as soon as possible.