Who are special people who not only communicate with the Angels but often see them? How do you recognize them? What is it special about them to have this gift in life? Many are wondering what to do to become Angel favorites as well.
   The answer itself implies. To become Angels favorite person it is necessary to do and do what Angels like. We expect the Angels to help us in our daily lives, to enlighten us with the mind and to guide us to the path that is most correct to achieve our will.
   Angels love pure heart beings but love those who stumble and try to bring them back to the right path. Angels are cheerful light beings and often choose the future dear ones who hear them even though that one is sinful. It will often happen that a person who is not pure heart the Angels will be close by because they wants to turn that person from the evil he does.
   If they come to somebody, it's most common that the one could be frightened. But fear lasts for a while. The exalted angelic energy melts all the evil that is in man. Blessed is the one who has experienced it. That's the real favorite of Angel.
   Angels are playful light beings like little children. If we disappointed the kids, they’ll cry. If we  disappoint our guardian angel, he will cry too. A disappointed Angel will not leave us but it will happen that he will not be able to save us in any way because we do not hear him.
   Through evening healing you gradually become a favorite of Angel. To become the one is a great responsibility because your spirit needs to be open but also it is  a great happiness indeed for the one who has become an Angels favorite.
    How do you know if you have become an Angels favorite?
The feeling can’t be described in one word, but you can be sure  that when you become one, you will   know it no DOUBT about it.
Those who already became Angels favorites tried to describe that magnificent feeling, but when they try to write it down they realized that it would take a whole life trying to express it with words and still would not be enough to finish it. Here’s what I can tell : Once you know that you are the one, you are so overwhelmed with positive emotions and such happiness that the hole world can fit in your arms. That’s what is feel like. Amazing. 

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Welcome to the unique voyage into the magical world of Angels that will open the door to your soul and enlightening the path that leads to liberation of your own energy being.

On that journey you will experience the enlightening of the spirit and body united as one in the perfect harmony of your uniqueness. That cognition will lead you to your Angel.

It’s the Angel voice you’ll be heard finally when you open your heart and your mind.

We wish to invite you to start your journey here with us, just feel free to let go and let the Angel’s voice lead you on!  


Our Angels are talking to us during life time sending love, positive energy, happiness. They encourage us, help us, give us strength and they follow us on our journey of  life. We experience their voice through such messages that we recognize as life time opportunities and chances that are tracking us, those good and nice things that are mile our soul and make us feel contented and filled with joy. Angels are our inner voice that keep directing us on a right way  the one that is lighten with brightness to follow what we really want from life success, feeling of belonging and make our dreams become a reality. Our Angels are our spiritual ally’s they are our straight and counterbalance of the dark side our positive energy that sits on the shoulder our shield from evil.

Healings on Wednesday evenings are for us, and through them we want to get closer to our Angel even more with our hearts wide open. By the meditation we are reaching a spiritual high level which aloud us to be able to get in touch with our Angel, calling him with a prayer and thank him from the bottom of our soul for being here with us always.

Angels speeks through us, reaching to our soul and heart. Your Angel is like a reflection in a mirror that it can be recognize as a spiritual mildness and it can be seen in the person’s own spirit if you look closer. Spirit of an Angel shines with it’s eternal light. Let us say a prayer to Angels, let them hear our call. Always remember to be a  pure heart, open minded and spiritually rich so we can be embrace by the power of Angel. 


 For all healing inquiries, please feel free to contact us through our contact form. After receiving your message, we will notify you as soon as possible.